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Self-Published by David Strachan

Made by:

David Strachan


Dex Cimino

Press/Business Contact:


Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu

Release Date:


Online Co-op Sci-fi




GameMaker 2.2

Undercrewed is the latest game by .


Brief description:

Undercrewed is a local and online Co-op game where 1 to 4 players work together to operate a spaceship by running around and activating rooms on the ship. You can play all together at one computer with keyboard and controller or online or even a combination of both. Don’t worry if there are not 4 of you there are AI players to help you out, you can even play single player.

Early Access Trailer:

Manning a spaceship takes teamwork, lots of cogs in a well-oiled machine...but what do you do when disaster strikes? The crew is wiped out and you are the last 4 survivors and you can’t give up now you must frantically run around the ship and keep everything going!


Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot

As the last survivors you and your friends must work together to fly your own customisable spaceship. With local/online co-op and hundreds of unique ship components to build your ship, teamwork is essential to figure out the best way to survive your journey!

Undercrewed Spaceships

Undercrewed customise your ship

Making a spaceship that fits your play style is key. Some teams will want a ship with loads of guns, some teams will want a tactical ship that can adapt to every situation. Deciding how much of your spaceship you want to dedicate to shields, repair droids or holographic medics will change how you and your team play the game.

Undercrewed ships

Your squad will be thrown into many dangerous situations; survive enemy invaders that board your ship, repair gas leaks, mine asteroids, and endure getting frozen. You will have to fight many different enemies with unique attacks; some enemies have attacks that switch your locations, some slow your movement speed, there are attacks that do more damage to your rooms or shields. Use your quick thinking and act fast to focus down certain enemies, find their weakness and target down their turrets or use your swift piloting and nimble shield control to best protect your ship and crew.

Undercrewed Game

We love gamepads but we know not everyone has one, if you fancy getting much closer to your friends everyone can play on the same keyboard. The whole campaign is designed to be played with your friends so any combination of keyboard, controllers and online play works.

Undercrewed build your ship

The simple controls make the game easy to pick up and quick to start playing with your friends. There are only 4 buttons; up, down, left and right, which move the player around the ship to the various rooms which control different aspects of the ship (guns, shields etc) it’s up to you to decide which takes priority when the aliens attack!

Undercrewed how to play

There are so many combinations of upgrades as you unlock different rooms and ships with our expansive skill tree. This encourages people to take on specific tasks around the ship as they specialise in certain skills.

Undercrewed Enemies Undercrewed Enemies

A game where you must make real time decisions and prioritise your efforts to help your team, fans of FTL / Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime / Galaxy Trucker / Artemis will enjoy this!

Undercrewed Enemies

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Press Passes

Keymailer: keymailer.co/g/games/57458

dodistribute: dodistribute.com/access/AzhNc0K237/

The Background Story

The original idea for the game actually came from the board game Space Cadets. This is a cooperative game where players are working together to drive the same spaceship. Each player takes on a different role but must still do their own little bit to control the ship together. I loved that everyone was yelling at each other when we were losing and shouting even more when we were winning.

I felt like I wanted to replicate the same excitement in a digital game, this is why it was really important to me that it was really easy to get people playing together; from players that had never played before, groups of 4 with only a keyboard, friend groups that were split with two at one computer and one online.

Before Undercrewed I had many successful web based games with 200,000+ plays at the time of starting, I had also been writing online guides on game development so I often got asked when I was going to make my first “real” game.

I went to a game dev meetup in London called GMMeetup and everyone there had really cool interesting projects that they were working on, but at the time I was just writing guides so around the table of people I told them some of my ideas and as soon as I explained the concept for Undercrewed many people around the table just said “that one!” and there was a consensus that this co-op space game should be the next thing I worked on.

Originally it wasn’t going to have online play and would be a browser game, however most online game websites only give you a small window that you can imbed your game into, and the players on the ship were already too small to see, this is when we knew it would be a full screen game and that Steam was a better platform to distribute it.

For a very long time the game was called ‘Ship of 4’, this was originally its code name however it took me far too long to settle on a name I liked. In the end I did a Twitter poll with some of the names that had been floating around and Undercrewed was the one the community picked.

We later did a Kickstarter that only just scraped through, I’m very grateful it was successful but it was a stressful period because half way through the campaign it was only at 20% funding. There were many reasons for this slow take up that were my fault, the biggest problem was the game was in such an early state that I was competing against games that basically looked like a finished product.

Luckily some media outlets picked it up just in time to give it a strong finish and it just crossed the funding line with less than 24 hours to go.


Play modes: Co-Op, Multi-player, Shared screen,

Platforms: Steam, PC game, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Online Co-op, Top-Down, PvE

Processor requirements: 1.2GHz

Memory requirements: 1 GB RAM

Storage requirements: 900 MB

Software: DirectX: Version 11 or higher